IBA Engineering

We are an Annan-based team of seasoned welders and skilled metalworkers, renowned for our captivating, design-driven creations spanning a diverse range of products. Our expertise extends to crafting items tailored for residential, commercial, and public environments. Our client base includes discerning individuals, corporations, visionary architects, and creative designers. While our portfolio boasts a wide and varied spectrum of projects, there is one unifying factor: Quality.


What can we do for you?

Our excellent reputation is a testament to the unwavering commitment we hold to excellence, an unwavering attention to intricate details, and an unyielding “can-do” spirit. Every customer, irrespective of project magnitude, can expect us to exceed their expectations. From crafting precision engineering marvels with critical tolerances to fashioning unique, tailor-made solutions, our expertise extends across the spectrum of metalwork.

Our suite of services includes:


Specializing in the full spectrum of welding processes, from MIG and TIG to MMA and FLUXCORE, we excel in working with all metals, ranging from mild steel to exotic alloys. Our expertise extends to on-site welding, where our proficient and seasoned mobile installation team stands ready. Fully trained and unwavering in their dedication to delivering comprehensive, high-quality on-site welding solutions, they provide IBA with a decisive advantage in emergency steel fabrication and on-site welding needs.


We are distinguished by our expertise in delivering seamlessly integrated, cost-effective metal fabrication solutions that cater to a wide array of sectors and clients. Be it a substantial, intricate project or a modest one-off task, we consistently uphold our unwavering commitment to quality and service. At the core of our ethical principles lies a profound understanding of our customers’ needs, underpinned by transparent and open communication throughout every step of the journey.

IBA Engineering




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